• Best Practices 3D and 4k Image quality parameters.
  • Industry leading projector contrast modifications.
  • HDR UHD Implementation for Projectors.
  • Special Access to hidden menus to get additional 15% resolution out of 4K images.
  • Special Lenses with Ultra HI MTF to achieve maximum 4k resolution.
  • Content management, Booking Services.
  • Professional Theater design for Audio/Video & Immersive Systems, Incl. Dolby ATMOS
  • Regulatory Compliance review incorporated into Venue Design for Eye Safety.
  • Laser projection 6P, 3P, BP.
  • Required NEW Laser Projection Ecosystems: De-Speckling Screens for 3P rec 2020, Glassless Porthole Light
  • Collars with Silencers, FDA Compliance Hooded Portholes

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DCI-Central provides World-Wide sales, service, and installation of DCI equipment for Cinemas and Immersive private screening rooms including "D-cinema in the home".